Terms of use and rules

There is actually only one essential rule for registered users of the DEG Fanboard (guests do not have write access anyway):

  • Behave yourselves and obey the laws!

There is no inclination at all to have to formulate in detail what one ‒ using common sense ‒ has to understand by this. It has not been necessary to moderate communication in the previous forum in recent years, so please leave it at that.

However, if someone is of the opinion that a post has unduly violated this, they can report it to the administration using the "Report Content" warning triangle button.

Unfortunately, there must be one clear rule:

Offers of tickets and other items

Sales of any kind are prohibited!

This is not malicious intent, but merely serves to protect the exclusively private nature of this forum, as otherwise the forum operator could be accused of a commercial background or a breach of any DEG terms and conditions.

So if you have tickets or anything else to offer or want to get rid of, please use phrases such as "Ticket for the West to give away" or similar, but not "for sale". It is no longer a matter for the forum what you then decide among yourselves in a quiet chamber.